Holistic Vegan, Vegetarian, and Yoga Cruises
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"We were so surprised at how wonderful the experience was...the staff was professional and friendly. Everyone worked very hard to insure a good time. The food was amazing and the service elegant...an excellent change from most 'macro' experiences. This should be on everybody's list of ‘must do’."
Christina Pirello, Philadelphia, PA
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Beverage Packages

Vegan Wine, Fresh Juices, Vegan Smoothies, Water and other Beverage Packages
MSC Cruises has created some special beverage packages for our Holistic Holiday at Sea group in addition to their usual offerings. You’ll find more detailed information on the vegan wine and fresh juice packages below. Purchasing a package is more economical than buying individual drinks or bottles of wine. Click here for a beverage package price list. You will also be able to purchase these packages onboard.

Vegan Wines - Quality wine is a delicious, stimulating natural beverage with proven medicinal benefits. Although most wines are filtered using animal products such as egg albumen, MSC Cruises has provided an excellent selection of red and white wines filtered with natural, non-animal products. These vegan wines are available in a wine package of 7 bottles, which can be pre-ordered through February 22nd. Click here for the list of wines available with this package. Please explore this unique opportunity to enjoy vegan wines with our delicious, plant-based menu.

Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices - MSC Cruises is also offering fresh pressed vegetable and fruit juices and vegan smoothies. Through February 22nd, you can pre-order 10 vouchers for fresh juices and smoothies, which can be used at the designated juice bars. Click here to see the list of options.

Ordering Information - When completing the order form, only enter the drink package code and not a specific wine or other beverage selection. To submit the MSC order form, you will need your reservation number, which can be found on your cruise invoice, where it is called your “booking number.” Note: preorders must be submitted at least 7 days prior to departure. Click here to order.

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